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Gokon 合コン

December 28, 2006


Yall know what a Gokon is? It this great system they have in Japan, where you required to bring along a few friends and you ask one of your friends to bring some of her friends out, and basically its a way to meet people in a casual setting. Kinda like a mini speed date. Usually 6-10 people max. You pick a restaurant to chill and drink at and its a great way to meet new people in Japan.



Chilling with Kazu and Moris カズとモリス

December 15, 2006


Hung out with Kazu and Moris. Went to a Izakaya near Moris’ house, and then went to shoot pool in Akasaka. Moris is damn good at pool. Smokes everyone…..geez, he should turn pro.