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Kyoto Miyako-Odori 京都ー都をどり

April 21, 2007


I went to cruise Kyoto for a weekend to check out what is a very sacred tradition in Kyoto. Twice a year all the Geiko girls conduct on exhibition of thier Geisha dances. Normally it is very exclusive, and to be able to watch Geisha girls perform, you need to have some buff connections to get into a tea house. So this year my friend and I went there to check it out. The choreography and performances are awesome. Makes Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation look like nuthin.

Afterwards we went to a very traditional Japanese Kaiseki restaurant for some serious grubbin and drinking with one of the Geisha girls. If you think Ginza hostess club grils treat you well, then these girls will blow them away. It is complete pampering of the guys who visit. Its like your the “Master” and she is your servant. The tradition that goes with these girls and the training they go through in order to become a Geiko, is crazy. They decide around the age of 15 or 16 to become a what is called a Maiko (apprentice to Geiko) and start working for an establishment that trains these girls into becoming Geiko. After years of training, they graduate to become Geiko. But its a never ending practice. They constantly call themselves students of the trade and are continually studying to better themselves. They retire only when they decide to quit, so there are actually some Geiko that are 80 years old! (yikes!)

Anyway this was a totally mind blowing experience. To have such cultured pampering by a woman who I have never met, but from the moment we met, she unquestionably seemed as if she was indebted to me. Strange experience, I’ll never forget.