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Utsunomiya 宇都宮

September 26, 2007


Went to Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture. This place is the gyoza capital of Japan. Highest consumption of gyoza in all of Japan. Got there, hopped in a cab and asked the taxi driver to take us to the most popular gyoza restaurant in the city. Then he started to ramble about the history of how Utsunomiya became the gyoza capital of Japan. Guess during one of the wars the Japan was in, probably with China or Mongolia or somewhere, a bunch of the soldiers learned how to make gyoza(or pot stickers for you Americans). Those soldiers came back to Japan, and in Utsunomiya there was a military base. They came back to a Japan that was in war so there were very few ingredients available, and as a result the decided to make gyoza with what was available.

I really didn’t care cuz all I wanted to do was eat, but I did have the balls to tell him to shut up and piss him off.

The taste was just average, but hella cheap! 130yen (about 1 dollar) for 6 gyoza. What a deal.

Ask me to go back again, and I’d turn it down in a heart beat.