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Adriano Goldschmied Jeans, AG Jeans

September 8, 2008

Was out to dinner with Toshi on Friday and he got a call from Ito-san of AG Jeans Japan. We were recruited to go hang out and drink at their office. We had just finished dinner and were thinking of where to go next, so why not. Saw a bunch of people in the fashion industry that I’ve never seen in my life. And then of course there was “Ito-san” the famous guy that used to hang out at Suzuran (the place with the specials on mini-Budweiser beers and all you can sing Karaoke) in Gardena. If your ever in Gardena and need a cheap place for drinks and Karaoke, check it out. Actually, scratch that, don’t check it out, I don’t wanna take blame for recommending it. So we were catching up with each other, and in his usual drunken manner, he was makin fun of me strolling in with Lucky brand jeans. Its been ages since I even owned a pair of jeans, let alone know anything about brands. As the night progressed I guess it continued to bother him that I was wearing Lucky jeans. So I finally succumed to the criticism, and asked for a pair of AG Jeans. Thanks to the help of Toshi, and his deep knowledge on jeans, I think I’ve finally come to the realization that jeans are not just for construction workers, and could be a vital part of anyone’s wardrobe.

Thanks Toshi, and thank you Ito-san and everyone at AG Jeans/AG Jeans Japan