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Hokkaido 北海道;Hakodate 函館;Josankei定山渓

October 14, 2008

Took advantage of the 3 day weekend in Japan to make a trip out to Hokkaido for some R&R. First city we hit was Hakodate (southern tip of Hokkaido). Best view in the country is what they were claiming. Can’t really argue with them.

This is what it looks like during the day. Not bad

Looks better at night.

But being that this a sea port, the sea food is amazing! Everything fresh (mostly still alive) and soooo damn good!

Here is the combo sea food bowl I had for brunch. Crab, Salmon eggs, and Uni. Yumm…. Better chill on the cholesterol for a while though.

OK, had plenty of sea, now it was time for some mountain. So we decided to cruise to another place called Jyosankei for a change of scenery. Picked up my rental car, and I guess because it snows here, most cars in Hokkaido are 4WD. Cool, nothing every wrong with more traction.

So we get to the resort


, and first think I do is take a plunge into to hot spring “onsen” to loosen up the muscles from a long drive and take out some of the toxins from my body. Awesome!

Then it was dinner time. Yesterday was seafood, today is…..mountain food? Yeah you got it MEAT!

Not just your ordinary USDA Prime whatevers, this stuff is the real deal. 100% Japanese beef, beer fed, massaged and all. Yeah, the unhealthy stuff. All the marbled fat you can eat. Teppan baked along with those grubbin garlic chips they make for you one at a time

Fillet and Rib Eye! Just the way I like.

Wash it all down with a couple of glasses of wine and the evening couldn’t be any better.

This was the white wine for the appetizers, and of course switched to red for the meat.

Woke up in the morning to discover the fabulous view outside. The leaves have already started to turn the color of autumn. In Japan Hokkaido is the last to get warm in the spring and is also the first to start getting cold in the fall as it is the northern most island of Japan.

Headed to Sapporo for our flight back and one last meal. Soup Curry! Thought it would just be a watered down version of Curry, but was actually very tasty. Crazy spices used in the broth. Awesome. Wish I could have stayed longer.

This is the last fun shot of the trip. A poster with a logo similar to the brand Puma,  with “Kuma” = Bear in Japanese. Must be lots of bears in Hokkaido.