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Tori Fuku 鳥福

July 21, 2009

Went to a Yakitori (BBQ chicken on skewers) in a very little know hole in the wall (and I mean serious hole in the wall) place near the Shibuya station in Tokyo. Its in a area called Nonbei-Yokocho about 2 minutes from the Shibuya crossing. I think the entire restaurant including upstairs seats 10 people max and it is tiiiiight. So tight that if anyone want to leave, pretty much everyone has to get up and out.

But the yakitori is awesome! So tasty. The owner only uses chicken that he hand selects and is delivered fresh daily from various chicken farms throughout Japan. He only uses free-range chickens of the highest quality. To top it off, the chicken soup is so taste! If your ever in town, and get a chance, check it out. But be warned, its not a place for the ambiance. They don’t take any reservations, and only complete parties are allowed in, so if your going to go with friends, make sure they are the type that show up on time. The restaurant opens at 5 and closes once the chicken runs out, usually the place is done by 9, so try and get in early.