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NYE 2009

January 5, 2010

Started the day out by heading to Roppongi Hills to go eat steamed dumplings.

First beverage of the day being a nice cold draft beer, Happy New Years Eve!

Then it was off to see Avatar in 3D!

Afterwards dinner with friends in Harajyuku

At night it was a visit to Meiji-Jingu Shrine



December 24, 2009

Went out with Toshi and Chie the other night. We had dinner at some cheezy Yakinuku (Korean BBQ) place where the service was aweful. I guess the food was ok, but certainly not worth the bad service. Why did we end up going there again?

Afterwards to a nearby Karaoke, and I can’t remember how I got home. The usual story


Brunch @ the Grand Hyatt Tokyo; French Kitchen

December 13, 2009

Went to brunch today at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo; French Kitchen. It was Mari-san’s birthday celebration. Good spread, but pricey. Glad Naks treated.


San Francisco Office サンフランシスコ事務所

August 13, 2007


Came into the San Francisco office today. This place is HUGE! Well, compared to the Tokyo office of course. They are subleasing a portion of the Siebel building. Nice area, and the weather is great here.




This is Chris chomping away at some kinda cuisine that has 2 pieces of bread and I think its buffalo sandwiched inside. Chris picked me up in his M3 today, not sure if he knows how to drive that thing, kept grinding gears….



This is the guy that Saki refers to as “Sexy Willy”



Hawaii ハワイ

February 24, 2007


I made a trip out to the Island of Maui for a business meeting. Labeled QBR (Quarterly Business Review). Its was mostly spending time with our business partner for relationship building. Basically good friends, awesome golf, and good food and drinks. This time was at the Kapalua resport in Maui, and we stayed at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua. We accomplished quite a bit during this meeting and should hopefully lead to a good 2007. Hopefully the next QBR will be in another great location, Kauai?



Ichiryu 一隆

February 11, 2007


I went to a restaurant called “Ichiryu” in Sangenchaya. This place is unbelievable. Specializing in sea food comprised of the freshest fish and other delicacies of the sea. The volume is amazing. We ordered 1 order of uni, and a whole box?! came out! The crab what a whole crab, and we ordered 3 orders of sashimi, and it must’ve been enough for 6 or 7 people that came out. If you get a chance check this place out. The price is very reasonable, and the volume is plenty to feed all. I recommend you go there with at least 4 people so you can order a variety of items.



Drinks in Roppongi 六本木で呑み

January 31, 2007


I went to have drinks with a friend in Roppongi.